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Choosing the right tools to get out your message doesn't have to be hard. Crafting your message and getting it out to the right people is your goal.

I can help with both. 


I write about tech projects and products, and about running, homelessness, being stuck, and getting un-stuck.

This is my space for sharing thoughts on digital products and projects. It also contains my thoughts on resilience, on persevering through difficulty and starting again. It's also where I talk about the issues and challenges of homelessness, a problem whose solution I believe is central to creating and maintaining our communities.

Starting again and persevering through difficulty is something you do when you run. It's also something you do when you live, and especially something you do if you are experiencing homelessness.

Messy, scary, difficult are things we all share. I've learned a few things along the way about working with messy, scary, difficult, and I've met some incredible, inspiring people who know a thing or two about beginning again, perseverance, and the power of starting where you are, in the present moment. I hope these reflections help you on your journey. If they do, please consider paying it forward by donating to Lazarus House, a community partner that makes huge differences in the lives of those experiencing homelessness in my community.

In real life, I'm a digital product manager and usability specialist who loves knitting and running, and is passionate about building community and the power of thinking big and acting locally.

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