start where you are shirtWhoosh! Here we are. The shirt is ready, we've raised $450 (thank you amazing people!), and the training is done. It's time to run. I was greeted this morning by the biggest sky full of stars I can remember seeing in a long time around here. The air is clear, and the weather looks just about perfect. I feel blessed to be part of this day.

If you do it right, the process of training for anything is supposed to get you to the starting line ready to go. That's it. You have no control over what will happen during the event itself, so you have to let go of worry as much as you can.

I'll write more after my race about all the many things I've learned on my journey here, but for now let me leave you with this fact: friendship, being there for someone who needs it and just loving them and offering a hand, has made all the difference in so many lives. It's why I'm here today, toeing the starting line. So, to all my friends and folks who offered a pb&j, a kind word, or a laugh along the trail,

THANK YOU! Thank you for being here, now.

Love you.

Now i remember all to well Just how it feels to be all alone You feel like you'd give anything For just a little place you can call your own Thats when you need someone, someone that you can call And when all your faith is gone Feels like you cant go on Let it be me If its a friend you need Let it be me

Ray LaMontagne

Have a blessed, fantastic race day, folks. Thanks for taking this journey with me, and with those who need it even more. Don't forget how important you are, to your community, your friends, to every day, and to me.

Let's go!

Did it! Or, the importance of getting lost

Did it! Or, the importance of getting lost

This is your path