This is your path

This is your path. A coupla Sundays ago I joined the Fox Valley Marathon group on an 18 mile training run. It was an out-and-back run along the river trail, with a turn-around point in Aurora. Unfortunately, the turn-around point wasn’t marked, so several of us didn’t quite know when to turn around and head back. Through my own mis-calculation, I ended up going 1.5 miles(!) past the turn-around (oopsies), which added three miles to an already long training run. Ack.

pathAlong the way I saw:

  • A lot of really fit runners of all ages, shapes and sizes enjoying themselves and making an 18 mile run look like a stroll through the park.
  • My friend hobbling to a park bench with a broken foot after he stepped on a walnut at mile 8.
  • Several runners pass me with looks of dogged determination and laser-like focus.

Can you tell I was comparing myself? As much as we try not to do it, it’s easy to do, particularly in situations that are new, or when we lack confidence.

The lesson: it helps to remind myself of two things. First, that we are all one walnut shell away from being out for the season. Stuff happens. And second, preparing and focusing on my own situation (starting where I am) will serve me better than trying to figure out how the others make it look so easy.

“Run YOUR race. Focus on YOUR work. Don’t be tempted out of envy to attempt to morph into something you’re not.” – Todd Henry

This is your path, and that is his. Run your path.



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